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EXCALIBUR is a unique range of high performance wear products available in various 3-dimensional shapes. EXCALIBUR is manufactured with a patented production method enabling superior properties over competitors. For example EXCALIBUR heel shrouds and wear bars can save quarter of a tonne of weight of a large excavator bucket without sacrificing wear life. And EXCALIBUR costs less than its competitors!

The exceptional properties of EXCALIBUR are achieved by casting white iron into a carbon steel shell. White iron is an extremely hard material, similar as being used in DOMITE™. In abrasive mining operations Excalibur wear products enable 3-4 times longer production cycles than conventional hardened carbon steels. As the shell is carbon steel, the construction offers a superior combination of hardness and toughness, together with good weldability. Furthermore, changing the EXCALIBUR parts is easy as the part itself does not require pre-heating when welding.

EXCALIBUR products are available in virtually any size and shape. Should you have an application not covered by our range, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Typical applications:

  • Heel shrouds
  • Wear bars
  • Tailor made applications when special shape is required